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The 13th being, Evil God Serpens.
After 12 Gods sacrifices to return to the void, the unstable peaece was recovered.
But as time went by, the darkness starts to rise from the unstable peace.

Guardian Chronicle

Guardian Chronicle is a tower defense game, where you defend against monster waves by placing random Guardians at the desired locations.
Each Master and Guardian has a unique skill that can be used to create your own unique combination of tactics.
Defeat your opponent and claim victory with your personal deck of Guardians!


Epic tale of the ancient dragon’s curse,
and the journey to find the lost emperor’s sword ‘Exestruk’!
Fight against the evil that threatens the peace of Exos!
Start the journey on an ancient airship with Bitru the Dragon
and the Treasure Hunter Zeon in this exciting RPG!
Come and experience this beautiful fantasy story.