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[Interview] Exos Heroes’ developers discuss its latest update and upcoming content2021-02-05 17:00

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By Luke Frater | Feb 5

In case you missed it, Exos Heroes received a brand new season update last week with the release of Blooded Rhapsody, bringing a new nation, series of characters, and new story content to the ever popular RPG.


Picking up where the game’s previous North Winds season finished, Blooded Rhapsody sees Zeon embroiled in an ever growing conspiracy in the kingdom of Saint West and its royal family (and new collectable heroes): King John Donk, Queen Carrie, and Prince Nemesis. The third season installment also sees the introduction of the Hero Growth Guide. This new feature will aid players in understanding how to strengthen their heroes by completing a series of missions which, upon successful completion, will also net them a Silver Fatecore.


It’s another significant update for the popular RPG which has continually intrigued us since its release last year, so we got in touch with Exos Heroes’ Director, Young Zun Choi, and Art Director, Min Suk Son, to find out what else its fans can look forward to this year, and why everyone who hasn't played it yet should give it a try.


What aspects of Exos Heroes do you feel appeals most to players?

The primary appeal of Collectible RPGs are the ‘attractive characters’ that make players want to collect and own them.


To create these attractive characters, we have put special efforts in not only the game’s graphics, but also its narrative aspects. We think these aspects altogether would appeal greatly to our players.


Could you explain a little for new players what Fatecore is and how it enhances heroes?

Simply put, Fatecore is Exos Heroes’ skin system. A Fatecore can only be worn by a specific Hero, and by wearing the Fatecore, the Hero’s appearance, skills and stat points are enhanced.



Where are we in the story arc with Season 3 and when can players expect Season 4?

Exos Heroes plans on concluding the first part of the story with Season 6, so I would say we are halfway through the first part of the story.


Exos Heroes is updating each Season every 5 month, so the Season 4 update will arrive within the first half of this year. Season 4 will continue to present stories filled with suspense and drama, so please look forward to the next season.



Which aspects of the game are you personally the most proud of and why?

Personally, I would say graphics and story. With regards to graphics, Exos Heroes differentiates itself from others through its quality 3D renderings of our Art Director’s beautiful and unique illustrations.


As for the story, at first sight it may seem similar to other fantasy games. But when you look closely, it is definitely not typical. Exos Heroes is filled with unique and interesting side and background stories of each Hero, which we plan on revealing through various content updates.


What is the Exos community like and how have their suggestions helped shape the game?

First of all, we would like to thank our players around the world for their love and appreciation for Exos Heroes.


As a developer, I would say that a developer’s point of view by itself is not enough: There are situations where certain game aspects may become inconvenient or not satisfactory enough for players when the game is first launched.


I think it was none other than our players’ active and sincere feedback that made Exos Heroes improve constantly during the past year. And I, too, have personally learned a lot by listening to the players’ various opinions and needs.


What tips would you give to new players just starting the game?

With Season 3, we have introduced a new feature called ‘Hero Growth Guide’. The Guide offers Astarte’s new Fatecore, which will be the key to clearing the story chapters more easily. Utilizing this character will help players clear the story chapters faster and easier.



Can you give us any details of what new content Exos Heroes has planned this year?

We plan on updating two new contents within the first half of this year: Real time PvP ‘Arkbruz’, and new narrative content ‘Memorial Saga’.


Arkbruz is designed to offer players a new PvP experience involving strategy and tensions coming from real-time matches. Arkbruz will be carried out as periodical events, where all players from all servers can gather and play together. Through Arkbruz, players will assess their own and the enemies’ meta including Hero combinations, placements, and ban picks. Arkbruz will highlight Exos Heroes’ new strategic aspects.


Memorial Saga is a new content where players will be able to check out Heroes’ various side stories. Players will roam around the villages, receiving various quests that will lead to hidden stories of the Heroes. Exos Heroes will present a lot of fun hidden stories through the Memorial Saga.


Lastly, do you have a special message to Exos Heroes’ players?

Director Young Zun Choi: We will work hard to make Exos Heroes a better game than it was yesterday. We will always strive to develop Exos Heroes’ key strength points and constantly improve aspects that fall behind, and offer an ever more satisfactory experience to our players. We promise these, to become a game that players will always love and appreciate.


Art Director Min Suk Son: The number of our players is increasing and becoming more versatile every day, and we are keen on listening to the players’ various opinions and needs. I will work hard to present artworks that players will love and find delight in. Please look forward to Exos Heroes’ next steps.