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LINE Games Announces Cooperation with LINE NEXT to Make NFT Games2022-02-15 17:00

Seoul, South Korea – February 15, 2022 – LINE Games announced today that it will work together with LINE NEXT Corporation, LINE Corporation’s subsidiary dedicated to Non-fungible Token (NFT) platform business, to develop the NFT game ecosystem.


LINE Games will cooperate with LINE NEXT to develop and present NFT-based games, applying the technology to Exos Heroes, Dragon Flight and to its future lineup.


LINE Games will also work together with LINE NEXT to develop new business model for the global NFT platform ‘DOSI’.


The global NFT platform DOSI, currently in development by LINE NEXT, will support companies and creators around the world to build global communities and NFT brand stores, help NFT creation and offer global marketing programs. DOSI will also provide NFT-specialized wallet for general users to trade NFT via credit card, simple payment service, and various crypto currencies, and offer an environment where users can socially engage.


“LINE Games will start its NFT-based game development and business with LINE NEXT, which holds excellent blockchain technology,” said LINE Games company official. “LINE Games will work closely together with LINE NEXT to present the next-generation blockchain-based games based on our vision, ‘ONLY FUN’.”