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Hack-and-Slash APRG UNDECEMBER Updates 21 New Skill and Link Runes!2022-11-09 17:00

Seoul, South Korea – November 9, 2022 – LINE Games Corporation announced that Hack & Slash ARPG UNDECEMBER has updated 21 new Skill and Link Runes, Raid and Dungeon.


The November update introduces 9 new Skill Runes including Wheel Slash, Freeze Arrow, and Penetrating Slash, along with 12 new Link Runes and assist skills such as ‘Seal of Crowd Control Dodge’.


The update also brings a new Chaos Artifact Dungeon ‘Fugitive's Farmland’. Clearing the dungeon will reward players with ‘Stolen Rune Chest’, and its entrance ticket will be dropped by playing Chaos Dungeon.


Also, a new lightening element Raid ‘Cursed Zodiac Walker: Vilam’ has been opened for players who have reached over level 80. Vilam’s clear reward includes Magic or Rare Runestones.


More information on UNDECEMBER is available on the official brand site, LINE Games FLOOR, Steam, App Store, Google Play, Facebook, Discord, and official YouTube channel.