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Action RPG UNDECEMBER Will Update Act 12 Ganida, And a New Season Mode on April 27th2023-03-24 16:30


Seoul, South Korea – March 24, 2023 – Hack and Slash Action RPG UNDECEMBER, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games, announced that Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida and a new Season Mode is coming on April 27th.


Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida

Get ready for the new story in the maritime nation of Ganida.and pre-register for the grand update!


Upon April 27th, Rune Hunters will be able to challenge six new bosses and various monsters roaming in the all-new 18 stages in 9 themes. New weapons and skills such as Bow Gun and [회오리 난사] are also coming. Check out more information on Ganida from the following videos.


[UNDECEMBER] Act 12 'Ganida' PV :

[UNDECEMBER] Act 12 'Ganida' | Skill Preview :

Pre-register here:


Director’s Commentary: New Season Mode and much more

UNDECEMBER’s new director announced through a commentary video that on April 27, a new Season Mode will be updated. Through the Season Mode, new and returning Rune Hunters will be able to enjoy the game more easily.

Director’s Commentary:


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