Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, New Admirals and Assault Content Update2023-05-24 17:30

- New admirals, ‘Leon Franco’ and Sayyida al Hurra’, are here!
- New ‘Assault’ content which users can enjoy together!
- ‘Guild Donation’, ‘Guild Assault’, and ‘Mate Training’ system update!


[2023-0524] The Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, serviced by LINE Games and co-developed by Motif and KOEI TECMO GAMES, has launched an update to add 2 new admirals and update content, including ‘Assault’ and a ‘Mate Training’ system. 


》 New Admirals ‘Leon Franco’ and ‘Sayyida al Hurra’
‘Leon Franco’, a character from the ‘Uncharted Waters’ series, is a new S Grade admiral who inherits the will of the former head of a Portuguese household and sets out to reestablish his ruined family. As a character specialized in Trade, he has a beneficial effect on Artworks and Weapons trade. Completing his Memoir will reward users with 5 Christina Tickets, Superior Mate EXP Potion, and multiple Mate Tickets.


The new S Grade admiral, ‘Sayyida al Hurra’, is the last royal of Granada, and is an original character who sets sail to avenge her family and reclaim Granada, which was lost long ago to Christian forces.
She has a powerful Admiral's Order with a focus on Combat. Fully completing her Memoir will reward users with various useful items, including 5 Reis Tickets, Premium Mate EXP Potion, and Superior Mate Ticket.


》 New ‘Assault’ Content ‘Edward Teach’, and Guild Content Updates with ‘Guild Donation’ and ‘Guild Assault’
The newly added ‘Assault’ content is content where users work together to attack a boss. The ‘Assault’ boss ‘Edward Teach’ is a boss that can be played by users with Company LV 45 or higher. Users can work together to attack ‘Edward Teach’, who has powerful wide-ranging attacks but weak Ram Defense, and obtain A Grade Gear and various loot as rewards.


‘Guild Donation’ is content that gives beneficial effects and upgrades to all Guild Members when the user donates various Currency to the Guild they belong to. ‘Guild Assault’ is content where Guild Members work together to attack a boss. Various special items can be obtained by attacking bosses that have difficulty levels which range from easy to hard. 


》 New ‘Mate Training’ System and Feature for Changing Mate Appearance
A ‘Mate Training’ system has been introduced, which will allow users to increase the Expertise of mates who have been promoted to the final stage. This will allow users to enjoy the fun of nurturing mates who have completed their growth according to their own tastes.


A ‘Change Appearance’ feature where users can equip selected gear onto their mates has also been added. These can be purchased at the Shop, and by changing a mate’s appearance, users can obtain additional Combat, Trade, and Adventure EXP.  


》 100 Day Anniversary Event Opening on June 8!
To celebrate the 100-day anniversary of the global launch of ‘Uncharted Waters Origin’, a celebratory event will take place from June 8 (00:00, UTC+9) to June 28 (23:59, UTC+9). By logging in to the game for at least 7 days during the event period, users can receive special items needed for growth, including 100 Day Celebration Hat, 100 Day Celebration Armor, and 10 Superior Mate Tickets. 


For more information on Uncharted Waters Origin and ongoing in-game events, visit the game’s official website and YouTube channel