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interview AccountingKangmi Kwon

Establishing the foundation
of the company.
Q. What's your team's role?
Our team collects data about money spent/earned and creates a finance report for those who need the information, such as executives, investors, and the government. Just like a franchise burger joint, where the burgers taste the same no matter which branch it comes from, there's an accounting standard used in accounting. Our team is responsible to help management make decisions by making reliable data that meets these accounting standards.

Q. What is your role in the team?
I'm in charge of purchasing, debt, and other taxation of LINE Games and its subsidiaries. There are various types of costs. Management includes not only the costs incurred in dealing with third parties but also the costs incurred internally. It's also part of my work to verify and analyze all these costs and make sure there isn't an issue at the end of the month. In addition, I'm responsible for withholding tax, VAT, and other tax duties. I think managing expenses is basic, but the most important job because no money can be spent without going through the accounting team.

Q. When do you find your work most rewarding?
I think accounting is like the "foundation" of a building when compared to the construction process. Our team needs to be aware of the revenue and money spent and based on this, build a strong foundation for the quick and safe construction of a successful business. Just as leveling a floor, we are involved in minor and major deals while preparing to launch a game. Similar to watching a building construction be completed, it's most rewarding when the game launches.
A person with positivity and
an active personality
Q. What are some skills and qualities required for the job?
Currently, our team is conducting accounting for LINE Games and its subsidiaries. Therefore, we cover various accounting fields. It's necessary to have accounting knowledge and the judgment to use appropriate accounting for occurring transactions.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
I hope it's someone with an active and positive attitude. Due to the nature of accounting, we communicate with various teams/companies, so a good attitude would be a big help.

A great place to learn and
show your abilities
Q. Why choose LINE Games?
I'm new to the game industry and the freedom I felt when I came in for my first interview was pretty refreshing. I chose LINE Games because I felt that the interviewers respected the interviewees and it gave me a feeling that I wanted to work with them.

Q. What is the LINE Games organizational culture and atmosphere like?
Overall, we are maintaining a horizontal organizational culture and a free atmosphere. At first, it was difficult adapting to a horizontal organizational culture and calling each other by name. Once you get used to it, calling each other by name helps to maintain a horizontal organizational culture. Due to the free working environment, we are able to freely discuss, learn, and show our abilities.

We welcome anyone
who can boost the company's value
Q. What type of colleagues would you like to work with?
A fast growing company like LINE Games faces a lot of new changes. We need someone who can work on a team, respond to situations, and analyze existing data with great insight to forecast the future when we confront these changes.

Q. Any advice for applicants?
Please apply if you think you are someone who can maintain and support the company's motto, "Only Fun."

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