interview Information SecurityNayoung Kim

Individually or together,
we can show 'true security'
with our combined expertise~
Q. What's your team's role?
Our team establishes processes to protect sensitive information such as confidentiality, intellectual property, and personal information. We separate specific tasks In order to increase the expertise for each task. Our team operates systematically in accordance with our members' main tasks. "Security" is always jeopardized by "small" breaches, so we continuously analyze risks and plan things pre-emptively. Just because we didn't have any security breach today doesn't mean we are safe tomorrow!

Q. What is your role in the team?
I'm in charge of the privacy policy. My work is to securely process and store personal information collected by LINE Games. Personal information protects an individual's freedom and rights. In addition to securely managing the information to identify individuals such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., now it is also necessary to restrict the use of personal information indiscriminately. In particular, my job is important for companies that provide global service like LINE Games because we need to meet the privacy compliance of all countries we provide our service in.

Q. When do you find your work most rewarding?

I felt most rewarded when I completed the development of an SDK with the help of other teams to cope with GDPR, which was enacted in 2018. The sudden enactment of GDPR created some buz around the world. In the past, we were only ready for domestic regulations. However, preparing for GDPR got us ready for a bigger market. I'll continue to create a steadier privacy policy.
Being good at your job
is important in information
security, but learning to
'communicate' is vital.
Q. What are some skills and qualities required for the job?
You need to understand the trends of information security and the market. You need to be able to respond to new types of hacking and malware and be sensitive to newly enacted and revised compliance information. In addition, you need to be updated on other companies' security policies and communicate with them to analyze the market. Therefore, networking can be very helpful.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
It is important to think flexibly, but with a standard. To protect information, there are many restrictions while processing and these restrictions often make work very inconvenient. For this reason, it is most important to consider the impact on other teams and communicate with them to establish a mutual agreement when establishing a security policy.

Q. What do I need to prepare to apply for this role?
Information Security Engineer, CPPG, CISA, CISSP, ISMS certificate, etc. Like all other fields of work, there are several acquirable certificates for this work. When applying for a job, these certificates can earn you bonus points, but the majority of companies check your ability to work on basic tasks. I recommend you get these certificates when applying to earn your bonus points.

Smiling faces, logical thinking,
horizontal organizational
culture... I would definitely
choose LINE Games!
Q. Why choose LINE Games?
I applied for the job thinking, "The company that created Dragon Flight?" Everyone I met during the interview, from the assistant who guided me to the interview room, HR that processed the interview, and the actual interviewer, was so kind. No one in the interview waiting room had a depressing look. They all looked bright and happy. After one year of working in this company, I don't regret my decision. LINE Games is a reasonable and fun place to work!

Q. What's the best part of the welfare system at LINE Games?
You can freely use the gym. I usually visit the gym during lunch. I like that LINE Games periodically supports personal training sessions, so I learned all the basics and now I can work out on my own. I feel like I'm a lot healthier from my regular workout schedule.

Freedom comes with obligations
and responsibilities!
Q. What type of colleagues would you like to work with?
Yes to anyone who has curiosity;
No to anyone who criticizes for no reason
Yes to anyone who can accept their faults;
No to anyone who causes accidents daily
Yes to anyone who takes responsibility for their work;
No to anyone who gets pushy for no reason
Yes to anyone who works at work and takes a break when needed;
No to anyone who procrastinates

Q. Any advice for applicants?
LINE Games has a very free atmosphere with easy communication and simple processes. As far as I know, the majority of IT companies, especially gaming companies, have a free atmosphere. LINE Games is a company where the company believes in its employees and employees work with their passion and will for the company. Anyone who wants to control their work in a free environment can enjoy working at LINE Games!

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