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The last step in game development,
but the first to 'play' the game!
Q. What's your team's role?
The QA team is responsible for quality assurance of all games developed and published by LINE Games. We also do testing by phases, data verification, and voice our opinion about the game based on its "fun level" and factors that need more attention. It's hard to grasp an idea of what quality assurance is; to put it simply, think of it as a process of creating a "low bug, user friendly, fun to play" game. :) We do our best to make sure all our players have the most fun without any hurdles or problems.

Q. What is your role in the team?
As a QA team leader, I usually manage our team's organization, work process, schedule, resources, and communication with other teams. Defining work processes and communication is especially important for the QA team since we work a lot with other teams. We are working hard to improve the quality of all games made by LINE Games by continuous team management and cooperating with other teams.

Q. When do you find your work most rewarding?
I feel most rewarded when players enjoy a game we prepared! It feels great if there's a low rate of bug occurrences and the overall quality of the game is high. However, it's depressing if there are no players enjoying the game. And as a team leader, I also feel rewarded when a new QA member who knew nothing becomes an expert QA member through training and work experience.
Testing and communication
skills are essential for a
QA member."
Q. What are some skills and qualities required for the job?
First of all, you need to really know your games. It is good to be a good gamer. However, to increase the accuracy and credibility of testing, you need to understand the game itself. And it also helps with faster communication if, for example, you can reference other games and just say "This XX game system is similar to game XX." Second, you need curiosity and imagination. Before we start the actual QA, we prepare a test plan and test case using game design documents. You need to imagine what the game will look like by looking at the document and thinking about all the cases where bugs may occur. People with more curiosity and imagination can think of more cases. Third, you need precision, stamina, and concentration. Our work involves a lot of repeated testing, which requires precision and concentration. If you move on thinking "I've checked this before, I don't think there'll be any problem," there's usually an issue. We often have a long-term testing phase and before launching a game we often go into crunch mode, so you'll also need good stamina.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
Our team requires a lot of communication since our work usually involves cooperation with other teams. If you are a team player, it is definitely a plus. It will be best if you can voice your opinion and have the charm to cooperate well with others. However, if you are rigid and have poor communication skills, you'll go through a lot of rough patches. In addition, someone with logical thinking and personality is good for the job. I think the foundation of testing is to verify the expected and check the actual results of specific actions in a restricted environment. Therefore, when testing you need to think logically as it can affect the results.

Q. Any ways to develop the skills needed for the job?
It is important to play different genres on various platforms, such as PC, mobile, and console. In addition, not only games but insight and experience in other content can also help you increase your skills. If I was to compare the game industry to another industry, I would put it closely to the contents or entertainment industry. There has been an increase in collaboration with other IP licensors, so If you widen your knowledge of movies, novels, animations, soap operas, etc., you can view games from a different perspective. Also, it helps if you read and write a lot of analysis, like about stocks, the industry as a whole, content, and so forth.

FUN is the most important
at LINE Games!
Q. Why choose LINE Games?
I share a similar taste in games and view of games as our CEO "Nerd" Min Kyu Kim. There aren't a lot of companies where you can enjoy a light discussion about games with the CEO. Our CEO's goal and focus on making "fun games" is a great motivation and makes work more enjoyable.

Q. What do you do when you can't concentrate during work?
I work out at the gym, which is located on the second floor of the basement. I enjoy the gym because it has a lot of training equipment and a shower. Showering after a hard workout clears up your mind and increases work efficiency.

You! Become my colleague!
Q. What type of colleagues would you like to work with?
This is an essential factor for all QA members, you must love and enjoy games. A true "game nerd!" Anyone who not only enjoys playing games but enjoys gaming culture and loves to discuss games can enjoy working here. In addition, I hope it's someone with an open mind. Recently, gaming trends are rapidly evolving and a combination of elements is creating new genres and features. I think it is important to have an open mind to approach from multiple perspectives and quickly adapt to this evolution of gaming culture. (And it might be very typical but since I'm a team leader, but I love hard workers...)

Q. Any advice for applicants?
Only Fun! If you love games and know games, do not hesitate to apply!

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