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interview Business PMYein Song

The bridge that connects
LINE Games internally and externally.
Q. What's your team's role?
We work on various tasks from game launch to official live service. Our work starts from reviewing the sourcing of pre-contract games to managing schedules for games preparing for release, analyzing market competitors, planning game monetization, content improvement feedback, and data analysis of games in service. We especially focus on internal and external communication between developers and internal teams. We are like the gears in a machine to help game development and live services go smoothly.

Q. What is your role in the team?
I'm in charge of communicating with external parties, which is essential to providing a stable live service. We also communicate with outsourcing companies if we have to. I need to obtain the resources we need, distribute tasks, and respond to any issues that occur. In addition, I research and analyze competitors for games that are soon to be live and propose strategies to make a better game.

Q. What does a normal day at work look like?
I think it's better to explain the main tasks of a business PM than explaining my daily work routine. First of all, when a game launches, our main task is to collect and analyze the key point metrics of the game daily. Using this analysis, we create a long-term plan to maintain service and schedule our work accordingly. In detail, we manage from update schedules, update plans, etc., which are directly related to the game itself, to marketing, community communication, etc., which are indirectly related to the game. In order to process the work, the business PM needs to make a decision and communicate with other teams to process the project. It is important to negotiate and receive consensus from all related teams, such as developers, publishers, the business support team, the programming team, and the accounting team when making a decision. Business PMs communicate with all related teams and companies via email, messenger, or other documents and are in charge of updating all related teams and companies about any changes that occur during a project.
Never-ending effort, dedication,
and goal awareness.
Q. What are some skills and qualities required for the job?
You need an interest in games, flexibility to adapt to changing trends, and ability to clearly communicate with others. You need an interest in games and the openness to change yourself to adapt to a rapidly changing gaming market. If you also have enough communication skills to precisely deliver messages and issues from team to team, you are ready to become a business PM.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
Someone with half a cup of positive attitude, half a cup of dedication, and a spoonful of desire to create the best result. Business PMs prepare live service and respond to any unexpected issues that occur during live service, so someone who has a positive attitude and cooperates well with others is the most adequate for the job. In addition, someone who also has the drive for success is a great fit for the role.

Q. Any ways to develop the skills needed for the job?
I increase my skills and assets as a business PM by reading. Reading helps you to document complex data and tasks easily, increases your knowledge on a wide range of topics, helps you understand people, and makes communication a lot easier.

LINE Games,
a holy land for games
with true professionals.
Q. Why choose LINE Games?
I used to enjoy Dragon Flight, a game that opened the mobile gaming market. It's a simple and intuitive game with cute graphics. I think the game was a famous game regardless of gender and age, and you saw people playing the game in the subway all the time. When I first joined LINE Games, they left me with the impression that they are focused on the "fun" of games. I decided to join because I felt like I could contribute to the cause.

Q. What is the LINE Games organizational culture and atmosphere like?
LINE Games has a flexible horizontal organizational culture. No matter what position you are in, if you have a great idea or opinion, you can freely share your thoughts and discuss it with everyone. It's a professional environment where everyone respects individuality and strives to find a logical decision.

Games, a small feeling
in the heart.
Q. What type of colleagues would you like to work with?
I hope someone with a passion for doing the job they love joins our company. We welcome anyone who can overcome the stress from work by loving the work and always do their best regardless.

Q. Any advice for applicants?
A business PM requires deep insight and understanding of games and communication skills. Communication skills are important in all jobs and positions, but they are essential skills for a PM to have, as the main role of a PM is to become the communication bridge between all parties involved in the project. We always welcome those who have the drive to lead projects and gather opinions from others. So if you believe you have the drive to lead a project for global success, come join us at LINE Games.

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