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interview GUXJeonghwa Song

We look for designs that
fit our games.
Q. What's your team's role?
We are in charge of creating and revamping user experience (UX) and user interface. Not only do we structure UI for newly developed games, but also revamp existing UI for games already in service by creating guidelines through analyzing and finding issues in existing UI.

Q. What is your role in the team?
I'm in charge of UI design. I design UI image resources based on the guidelines for games in development. Basically, the game design team creates a foundation design for UI, then the UX team creates a structure, and I apply the design. I create a design layout of the game's UI via game engines, such as Unity and Unreal, based on the UX guidelines.

Q. When do you find your work most rewarding?
It's most rewarding when my design is completely applied in the game. Due to the nature of game development, there are times when we have to simplify our designs to align with the development environment and it's a bit disappointing. Therefore, it's most rewarding when my design is applied in-game without any alteration.
Players communicate
with the game through UI.
Q. What are some skills and qualities required for the job?
In order to do well in UI/UX, you need to enjoy seeing things from the player's perspective to create a player-friendly environment. In addition, you'll be able to create high quality results if you have the skill set to structure the layout based on the value of the information and then apply a fancy design on top.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
I think rather than an indecisive personality, someone with a firm opinion when an issue occurs is better suited for the job. However, even if you have a firm opinion, you shouldn't force others to follow it. Since our work requires lots of discussion and opinion sharing with others, someone who is a people person and can lead a discussion will be well suited.

Q. Any ways to develop the skills needed for the job?
If you have experience working on various UI in different genres, I recommend you create a prototype to check the overall flow. Using a prototype, you can test and check the overall flow of the UI and this helps you think more deeply about the flow than using a couple of still images of the UI. Make sure you share the prototype with others and receive feedback for better results. You can learn more about UI/UX by listening to people's feedback and improving on it. Be careful not to build any negative thoughts when you receive negative feedback or criticism.

Quick breaks increases efficiency.
Q. Why choose LINE Games?
I chose LINE Games because they are fond of their games. Unlike other games which feel factory-made, LINE Games works in different genres and platforms. The challenge in working on all different types of games felt attractive. Also, it was an opportunity for me to widen my knowledge.

Q. Any cool places at the LINE Games office? (Company café, Massage room, etc.)
I think the café is the coolest place in the office. You can use the café or rest for a bit while playing darts and console games. There's also a great view of Gangnam, so I often visit the café for a quick break. I find myself relaxing when drinking a cup of coffee while watching the clear blue sky.

We welcome anyone
who wants to challenge
their abilities across
different game genres.
Q. What type of colleagues would you like to work with?
My work connects to various fields, such as game design, graphic design, programming, etc., and needs continuous communication. We work with various teams so communication is one of the key requirements. Work can be difficult for someone who is not comfortable communicating with a new face or discussing ideas with others. Therefore, flexible communication is a must and I personally think that a positive attitude can brighten up the team!

Q. Any advice for applicants?
If you want to work on all sorts of genres and platforms for games, LINE Games is for you. If you have love for games and game development, you'll enjoy working at LINE Games.

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