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interview Business ManagementChangkyun Choi

From sourcing to launch,
we discuss and negotiate different ways
to make the process efficient.
Q. What's your team's role?
We systematize work processes to increase the efficiency of domestic/global business and define the process to support others. Our team works as a communication bridge to resolve issues between the business team and related teams/subsidiaries and external companies.

Q. What is your role in the team?
As a team leader, I manage our team's overall workload and define a process to share and educate other teams. In addition, we support the business team by discussing issues with subsidiaries and external companies.

Q. What are some competencies and qualities required for the job?

It feels most rewarding when problems are solved and work progresses smoothly between teams. For example, it was rewarding when we mutually completed the work process document with the graphics team and instead of it being a one-time process for show, it stuck around and permanently increased work efficiency for the team.
We want people
who can accept their
weaknesses and honestly
communicate with others.
Q. What are some competencies and qualities required for the job?
Our team's main task is to systemize process leading up to launch to efficiently handle any business concerns in the way. Therefore, you need insight into the game market and knowledge of related works. You also need to know the importance of communication and increase your capacity for communication. It is also helpful if you have foreign language skills for communication with the branch office.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
Our team does a lot of conferences with external companies and related teams, so it is critical to have communication and cooperation skills. You can easily melt into the team with an outgoing personality and a strong mind to overcome issues we confront.

Q. Any ways to develop competencies needed for the job?
I recommend you to experience a lot of cultural content. Writing e-mails, leading agendas in meetings, and organizing them requires more vocabulary than you think. You can enhance your ability to organize and understand by experiencing various cultural contents. In addition, since we are a game company, you need a basic understanding of the industry. The game can't be defined by fun or not fun. You need to build insight into why it's fun or why' it's not fun by experiencing various games. Once you have these experiences, If you have enough experience, you have enough capabilities for our team.

It's a rare company
with good colleagues
who can share a good laugh
while working.
Q. What are some reasons for choosing Line Games?
The company maintains the free atmosphere we had since the Next Floor. Working in a free environment enables us to voice out our opinion and challenge ourselves with various games lined up for publishing. I was attracted to Line Games because with these challenges I can learn.

Q. What is Line Games organizational culture and atmosphere?
We work tough and talk happily. We have ownership of our work. Due to my past experience of working at other companies, I tend to compare Line Games with others. I think Line Games has the most humane work environment. If you want to work in a humane environment, not a factory like company, join Line Games. :)

We are not perfect;
therefore we welcome
someone who can
fill in the gaps and
grow with us!
Q. I would like to work with this type of colleagues!
Our team's job is to be a bridge between different teams and create a standardized plan to make work efficient. So I hope someone with a clear concept of timeline and deadline joins our team! Even if you don't know something, we can fill in the part. In addition, I want to work with someone who has a strong desire to learn. No one is perfect. Anyone, who can admit their weakness and desires to learn from it, is welcomed!

Q. Any advice for applicants?
I hope you enjoy playing games regardless of the team's work. After all, we are a company that does game business. I think it is a basic capability to love and enjoy playing games. I would also like to say this to any applicants who unfortunately couldn't get the job. I think failure to get hired, doesn't mean failure of life. It means you didn't meet the standards the company is looking for. Depending on the results you may feel happy or disappointed but not meeting the standards of the company doesn't make your life meaningless, so don't take it too harshly. It's just that you were not the puzzle piece made for Line Games. Don't worry, you've been making good life decisions.

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