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Exos Heroes Announces Fan Art Event to Celebrate its 1st Global Launch Anniversary and Unveils New Fatecore2021-04-23 17:00


Seoul, South Korea – April 23, 2021 – LINE Games Corporation announced that Exos Heroes will hold a two-week long Fan Art event on April 26 to celebrate the game’s first global launch anniversary. Also, in this week’s update, Exos Heroes presents Fated Hero Sabrina’s Fatecore: ‘El Dorado – Sabrina’.


Since its global launch on May 2020, Exos Heroes, now on its third Season, has been captivating fans of collective RPGs with its unique, beautifully illustrated heroes and intricate storyline.


Celebrating its first global launch anniversary, Exos Heroes is inviting players to submit fan arts on the game from April 26 through May 9. To participate, head over to the Fan Art Event page, which will open on April 26 along with detailed event notice via the game’s Official Facebook.


After review, the 10 Grand Prize winners will receive 5,000 Xes and 30 Nation Recruit Tickets, and the next 20 winners will receive 2,000 Xes with 10 Nation Recruit Tickets. All participants will be rewarded with 700 Xes.


With the Fan Art Event ahead, this week’s update brings an idol-themed Fatecore ‘El Dorado – Sabrina', which features Fated Hero Sabrina as the leader of an idol group. It comes with a matching Exclusive Weapon ‘El Muerto’, and both can be picked up with increased chance until April 28.


For more information on Exos Heroes and the Fan Art Event, visit the game’s Official Facebook.