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Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, New Admiral ‘Chand Bibi’ Update2023-07-19 16:30

[2023-0719] The Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, serviced by LINE Games and co-developed by Motif and KOEI TECMO GAMES, launched an update to add the new Admiral, ‘Chand Bibi’, and a new S Grade mate, ‘Christopher Columbus’, on July 19.


New Admiral who dreams of being a sultan, ‘Chand Bibi’

The new S Grade Admiral, ‘Chand Bibi’, is the princess of Ahmadnagar. She decides to go out to sea in order to achieve her dream of becoming a sultan. Users who obtain ‘Chand Bibi’ can experience her story as she defends the kingdom against the Mughal Empire, and can embark on adventures around the seas without consuming Energy.


Users who fully complete her Chronicle can obtain 5 Roberts Tickets, Superior Mate EXP Potion, Superior Mate Ticket, and Superior Item Ticket.


New S Grade mate, ‘Christopher Columbus’, and new ‘Assault’ boss, ‘Thomas Tew’

The new S Grade mate, ‘Christopher Columbus’, can increase Critical Chance during Melee combat, increase chances of obtaining high grade Loot when exploring, and increase Fleet Speed.


A new boss, ‘Thomas Tew’, has been added to the game’s ‘Assault’ content, where users work together to attack a boss. ‘Thomas Tew’ is a privateer of the Indian Ocean, and can be played by users who have reached Company LV 55 or higher. His powerful abilities include Ram Attacks that push enemies away, skills that take away control, and the ability to summon a fire ship that carries out self-destructive attacks. While fighting him, users can obtain a variety of loot, including A Grade gear and parts, in accordance with the total damage they achieve.


Max Company LV increased to 90

The max user Company LV has been increased from 75 to 90. With this new increase, new city waters, Hagåtña, Atuona, and Mahina, have been opened.


In addition, the max Ship Build LV has been increased to LV 16, and accordingly, Grade 16 ships have been added. Moreover, a new Ship Disguise system has been introduced, where users can change the appearance of ships of Blueprint LV 10 or higher.


Combat Support Special Attendance Event begins!

A Combat Support Special Attendance event where users can get various items will be held from July 19 to August 8. By logging into the game for a total of 14 days during the event period, all users can obtain Appearance items, such as La Fomain's Chapeau and La Fomain's Vestments, as well as other various items needed for growth.


For more information on Uncharted Waters Origin and ongoing in-game events, visit the game’s official website and YouTube channel.


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