Hack & Slash UNDECEMBER New Season 3 Update!2023-12-07 16:07


December 07, 2023 – On December 7, LINE Games revealed the new Season 3 for the hack & slash Action RPG, ‘UNDECEMBER’, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games. It also opened in-game events to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season and new year.


The new season is focused on providing a more convenient and enjoyable gameplay experience for users. Moreover, users can participate in the in-game events that will take place until January 11 by playing the game, and various participation rewards are available.


Free Pet Ability and Pet Gift for All Users

- Free Pet Ability: The ‘Pet Ability’ feature, which used to be a paid feature, has now become free with the Season 3 update.

- Free ‘Porter José’ Pet: To celebrate the Season 3 update and Pet Abilities becoming free, all users who log into the game will receive the ‘Porter José’ pet as a gift.


New Improvements to Season Mode

- Increased Growth Speed: With the opening of the new season, growth speeds for Season Mode have been reduced. This means that users will be able to grow their characters more quickly.

- New Farming System for ‘Hardcore Mode’: A new farming system exclusive to ‘Hardcore Mode’ has been added. With this, the rewards available to users who challenge themselves by playing the game in ‘Hardcore Mode’ have also been improved.


New Content

- 3 New Skills: 1 ‘Physical Magic’ type of skill and 2 ‘Physical Link’ type of skills have been added with the update.

- New Unique Items: 25 Unique items, and 25 Unique items that are of endgame content grade, have been added with this update. This allows for more diverse skill strategies when using characters and means that users can grow their characters in more diverse ways.


Events Until January 11 to Celebrate Christmas and the New Year

- Event stages where you can claim various items by defeating ‘Santa Purus’ will open during the event period.

- You can also obtain ‘Abundant Holiday Chests’, which contain various items needed for growth, when completing normal stages and defeating bosses.


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