Hack & Slash UNDECEMBER New Season 3 Content ‘Solo Descent Raid’ Update!2024-02-15 16:30


February 15, 2024 – On February 15, LINE Games revealed the new Season 3 Contents updates for the hack & slash Action RPG, ‘UNDECEMBER’, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games.


This update focused on stimulating users’ desires to challenge themselves along with enhancing the fun of growing and decorating characters.


The ‘School Day Ddakji Event’ also started on ‘UNDECEMBER’ to celebrate the new content update. All users can easily participate in the event.


New Solo Descent Raids Where Even Solo Players Can Battle Raid Bosses!

‘Solo Descent Raids’ are a 1-person version of the existing ‘Descent Raids’ that 8 users take part in simultaneously. Users can fight with 3 Raid Bosses, ‘Ochogneel’, ‘Carovan’, and ‘Magroth’, and can also obtain rewards according to their ranking.


Updates to the ‘Transfer System’ That Help Users Easily Switch Their Characters’ Modes Late into the Season

The Character Transfer system that was introduced during Season 2 was updated. This update focuses on enabling users to easily switch their characters’ modes during the latter half of a season. Users can enjoy playing various character builds and continue raising their characters by adjusting to the different conditions that come from moving their characters to a different mode.



Updates to the Costume System

The character costume system was updated to increase the fun of decorating characters. Through this update, top, bottom, and shoe Beauty Costumes were introduced.

Also, more freedom has been granted to dyeing characters, and the qualities of dyes were improved.


 ‘School Day Ddakji Event’ that Users Can Easily Participate While Enjoying the Game Opened

With the new update, the ‘School Day Ddakji Event’ that users can easily participate in while enjoying the game also opened. Users can take part in this game by collecting ‘Ddakji Coins’ which can be obtained by playing UNDECEMBER and bountiful rewards such as ‘[Exclusive] Charm Legendary Reversion Essence’, ‘[Exclusive] Rune Engraving Stone’, and ‘[Exclusive] Gear Guaranteed Transfer Stone’ are available through the event.


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