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Seafaring Sandbox Uncharted Waters Origin, Mate Content ‘Relationship Chronicle’ Update!2024-03-27 16:30


[2024-0327] The Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, serviced by LINE Games and co-developed by Motif and KOEI TECMO GAMES, updated ‘Relationship Chronicles’, a new content that stars mates.


Moreover, 4 new mates, ‘Jeanne D’Arc’, an S Grade Mate, ‘Isabella d’Este’, an A Grade Mate, and B Grade Mates ‘Nora e Kelmendit’ and ‘Jeanne Hachette’ have also been added to the game. Also, ‘Special Combining’, which enables combining even better gear and parts than before along with a system that allows enjoying Assault content more easily has been updated in the game.


‘Uncharted Waters Origin’ will collaborate with the classic Korean game series, ‘The War of Genesis’ and hold related events.


New content called ‘Relationship Chronicles’ added! ‘Ipbu’ will be the star of the first Relationship Chronicle


‘Relationship Chronicles’ that star mates instead of Admirals are new content from ‘Uncharted Waters Origin’. Users an enjoy the content by owning or obtaining the related mates.


‘Ipbu’ will be the star of the first Relationship Chronicle. As users play the Chronicle, they will be able to experience an adventure with other mates while solving events.


New S Grade Mate, ‘Jeanne D’Arc’, added and content updated

4 new mates were added through the content update. ‘Jeanne D’Arc’, an S Grade Mate, ‘Isabella d’Este’, an A Grade Mate, and B Grade Mates ‘Nora e Kelmendit’ and ‘Jeanne Hachette’ were added to the game.


Also, ‘Special Combining’ which allows obtaining better combining results than the existing gear and part combining system was added to the game, and the ‘Repel Assault’ function that enables users to skip combat and avoid unnecessary, repetitive combat against bosses that they have assaulted before was updated.


IP collaboration with the Korean SRPG masterpiece, ‘The War of Genesis’!

 ‘The War of Genesis’ is an SRPG game that was released in Korea in 1995 and was loved by many people due to its deep story, vast lore, and strategic qualities unique to the game genre. Recently, in Korea, a remake of the game was released on Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, which garnered much attention from gamers.


Through this collaboration, ‘Iyolin Pandragon’, the female main character of ‘The War of Genesis’ and ‘The War of Genesis 2’ will appear as a new Admiral and a special scenario event that stars ‘Iyolin Pandragon’ will take place, which will add a new source of fun from the game.


Also, 9 popular characters from ‘The War of Genesis’ series, such as ‘G.S’ and ‘Crow’, will be added to ‘Uncharted Waters Origin’ as new mates, and a ‘7 Day Attendance Event’ will be held until April 23 to celebrate the collaboration, where the limited item, ‘Antarian Sail’, can be obtained.


For more information on Uncharted Waters Origin and ongoing in-game events, visit the game’s official website.


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