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Hack & Slash ARPG UNDECEMBER Updates New Raid, Ruins Destroyer: Magroth!2023-03-08 17:25

Seoul, South Korea – March 8, 2023 – Hack & Slash ARPG UNDECEMBER, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games, has updated a new raid Ruins Destroyer: Magroth along with new contents including 12 new Runestones. Brown’s Lucky Dice Event offering valuable in-game items is also now on, so check into the game to browse new contents!


Ruins Destroyer: Magroth

Rune Hunters over LV 90 can now challenge the new LV 120 raid boss Magroth! Rune Hunters clearing Ruins Destroyer: Magroth can obtain a handful of rewards including LV 110 Runestones and more. The required level for challenging Magroth is Lv.80, and the party size is 8 players.


Descent Raid Season 6

The sixth season of Descent Raid has been updated with two new bosses, Sicus and Vilam. The required level for entering is Lv.80, and the party size is 8 players. Rune Hunters will be given two weeks to challenge each boss.


Also, don’t forget to collect Shadow Mirror Shards to complete the Shadow Mirror and receive rewards, including Unique Runestones, upon clearing the Descent Raid. Shadow Mirror Shards can be obtained from the field or through Chaos Dungeon drops.


12 New Runestones

Twelve all-new Runestones have been updated. Experiment with the new Runestones to come up with evermore unique skill builds!


Brown’s Lucky Dice Event

Starting today and throughout March 29th, Rune Hunters can participate in Brown’s Lucky Dice Event. Lucky Dice and Golden Dice can be obtained through field drops. Roll the Lucky Dice and Golden Dice to earn valuable rewards including Vesper Essence.


For more information on UNDECEMBER’s update, visit LINE Games FLOOR, Steam, Facebook, Discord, and official YouTube channel.

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