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Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin Updates Two Adventure Admirals and New Contents!2023-03-30 16:30


Seoul, South Korea – March 30, 2023 – Seafaring Sandbox RPG Uncharted Waters Origin, co-developed by Motif and KOEI TECMO Games and serviced by LINE Games, has introduced its first massive update packed with new contents. Spring welcome events are now also on, so login to collect special rewards!


In the March update, Uncharted Waters Origin has brought the two main characters of Uncharted Waters series as its new adventure-focused Admirals. A new character customization feature, Mate Appearance, is now also available.


Meet the two new adventure Admirals

l  Pietro Conti: Pietro is a talented explorer of Genoa, who accepts a patron’s request to search El Dorado in return for paying off the enormous debt his father has left behind. Pietro’s Admiral Orders are specialized in boosting adventure rewards and sustaining the fleet during a long voyage.

l  Miranda Verte: Believing that Pietro has proposed to her a long time ago, Miranda sets out into open waters to follow after her supposed fiancé. Miranda’s Admiral Orders help minimize damage done against the fleet during Exploration.


New customization system

l  Mate Appearance: Players can now tailor and customize a character’s appearance using the new decoration UI in the equipment menu.


Spring Greeting Event

Uncharted Waters Origin is holding Spring Greeting Attendance event for two weeks until April 11th. Just log in to the game for seven days to receive high value items such as Spring Butterfly (Figurehead) and much more.


For more information on Uncharted Waters Origin, please visit the game’s official community FLOOR.



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