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Hack & Slash UNDECEMBER New Act 13 ‘Hira’ is Here!2023-09-01 16:00


September 01, 2023 – On September 1, LINE Games revealed the new Act 13 ‘Hira’ for the hack & slash Action RPG, ‘UNDECEMBER’, developed by Needs Games and serviced by LINE Games. It also opened the game’s Season 2 and implemented various new content updates.


Users can explore the new areas of the tourist nation of ‘Hira’ and follow the stories of ‘Ilya’ and ‘Canna’. Moreover, with the addition of various new content and the start of Season 2, users can grow their characters even further and enjoy their gameplay with many other users.


Act 13 ‘Hira’

- Story: The story for Act 13 ‘Hira’ is set in the tourist nation of ‘Hira’. As the story unfolds, users will find out how ‘Ilya’ could not help but become a Zodiac Master, and also discover the surprising story behind ‘Canna’. In addition, users can enjoy the excitement of facing the 6 new bosses that will appear.



- New Modes: The ‘Hardcore mode’ and ‘Origin mode’ difficulty levels have been added. ‘Hardcore mode’ is for users who wish to enjoy the game at a very difficult level. Gameplay becomes limited upon death, and users can experience extreme tension and thrill. With ‘Origin mode’, users can enjoy a more casual game. It has a simplified ‘Enchant’ feature and an enhanced focus on the fun of farming.

- New Raid Bosses: 2 new powerful bosses, ‘Oslhild’ and ‘Absinthiana’, have been added with the new season update. ‘Oslhild’, who has wings that allow for excellent mobility, fundamentally uses Cold + Lightning Elements. ‘Absinthiana’ fires magic projectiles from a cauldron. ‘Absinthiana’ uses Poison + Physical Elements and can switch between the two Elements by touching the board on the battleground floor.

- 2 New Unique Dungeons: With this update, 2 new Unique Dungeons, the Tier 1 ‘Illusion Garden’ and the Tier 10 ‘Golden King's Treasures’, have been added. In the ‘Illusion Garden’ dungeon, which is set in a circular-shaped map, users can defeat monsters and obtain around 30 different chest rewards. The ‘Golden King's Treasures’ dungeon is one that has a time limit. Users can obtain points by defeating the event monsters within the time limit, and obtain Treasure Chests of higher grades by getting a higher score.

- New ‘Lacrima’ Gear System: ‘Lacrima’ is a new gear item that can be obtained by playing the new ‘Guide of Illusion’ and ‘Time of Confrontation’ event dungeons in Chaos Dungeons. Users can equip ‘Lacrimas’ onto the Lacrima Statue in town, and equip gear onto the registered Lacrima’s slots according to the Lacrima’s slot type and number. This will grant the option effects of those gear items to the character.


Official ‘Crusade of Glory’ Season Begins

- The official season of the ‘Crusade of Glory’ PvP content, which was restructured into a ‘4 vs 4 team match’ content, has now begun. Users can claim season rewards depending on their gameplay performance. In particular, when users reach the ‘Diamond 1’ tier from the season rewards, they will receive a tradeable ‘Crusade of Glory Wings Costume Coupon’ as a reward.


Enjoy New ‘Guild Raids’ with Guild Members from September 14

- On September 14, the game’s ‘Guild Raid’ content, where users can enjoy hunting raid bosses with their Guild members, will be opening. Up to 8 Guild Members who play in the same mode as the Guild Master (Season/Standard), can enter the raids as a team and battle the bosses.


Other Improvements

- The gameplay route for Episodes 1 and 2, and for ‘Constellation of Time’, has been restructured, making it possible to play the content more quickly.

- A full view function has been added to the filters in the Rune Compendium, and users can now filter tag information for each skill. In addition, convenience has been improved so that users can view information on linkable Link Runes/Skill Runes more easily.

- A ‘Rune Storage’ feature has been added. This will allow users to manage their item storage more easily.

- A random Affix option feature for Unique Gear has been added. Previously, only the same options were imbued for the Affix options of Unique Gear that were the same type, but now, with the addition of this new feature, various different Affix options can be imbued.

- The UI features for Costume Dye have been changed, and a new Gloss feature has been added, allowing users to change their characters’ appearances in more varied ways.


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