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Open World TPS RPG ‘Quantum Knights’ Steam Next Fest Demo Open!2023-10-10 16:30


October 09, 2023 – LINE Games (CEO Sungmin Park) has released the demo version of the new open world TPS (Third-Person Shooter) RPG, ‘Quantum Knights’, to be serviced by LINE Games, for the Steam Next Fest celebration that opened on October 9.


All Steam users can play the ‘Quantum Knights’ demo during the Steam Next Fest period, which ends on October 16, 10:00 (PDT).


Demo Version Content

- Main Story

- Normal/Boss Missions

- Field Dungeons

- World Bosses

- 8 vs 8 PvP


‘Quantum Knights’ Game Features

- World: ‘Quantum Knights’ is a third-person shooter RPG set in a medieval fantasy world where magic has advanced through technology and where guns and magic are combined.

- Characters: You will join the ‘Volants’, skilled wielders of magical firearms, and depending on your preference, you can choose between various styles of characters, including Offensive, Defensive, and Support.

- Guns: The guns in ‘Quantum Knights’ are characterized by the fact that they are combined with magic. With a variety of guns available, including Machine Guns, Shotguns, and Snipers, you can equip the guns that suit your playstyle.


Steam Next Fest

- Period: October 9 – October 16, 10:00 (PDT)

- Details: Including ‘Quantum Knights’, users can play over 100 different demos of new games that are due to be released on Steam. Users can receive the latest information about ‘Quantum Knights’ features and other related news by adding it to their Wishlist from the Steam Store page. Moreover, two livestreams that will show the various gameplay ‘Quantum Knights’ has to offer will be broadcast on Steam during the event (October 9, 22:00 and October 14, 22:00 PDT).


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