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LINE Games’ UNDECEMBER Successfully Completes its ‘UN-Boxing Test’ 2021-10-20 17:00


Seoul, South Korea –October 20, 2021 – LINE Games Corporation announced that its Mobile-PC Multiplatform Hack-and-Slash RPG UNDECEMBER, developed by Needs Games and to be serviced by LINE Games, has successfully completed its ‘UN-Boxing Test’.


For a week from October 13th to October 19th, LINE Games tested UNDECEMBER on both mobile and PC(FLOOR), and over 300 thousand players pre-registered to participate in the game’s UN-Boxing Test.


Through the test, players were able to explore UNDECEMBER’s Episode 1 and its five Acts, and check out the game’s multiplayer contents including ‘Crusade of Glory’ and ‘Boss Raid’.


Not only players in Korea, where the test was held, but also players from Asia and Europe participated and shared their gameplay videos. Active discussion was made on UNDECEMBER throughout the test period, and the game’s classless system based on Rune skills especially received positive feedback.


LINE Games and Needs Games will collect and review test play results and player feedback to improve the overall quality of UNDECEMBER and enhance the game’s multiplatform experience evermore.


More information on UNDECEMBER can be checked out on its Official Website. LINE Games will announce additional information on UNDCEMBER on the game’s official Facebook, Discord, and YouTube channels.