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interview Game DesignSeungho Jin

We try our best in
various fields to create
a positive result.
Q. What's your team's role?
Our team is a part of LINE Games' development division, which includes directors and developers in various fields such as planning, programming, and graphic design. Our team is in charge of preparing console platform games; even though our team is quite small we are working hard to create a solid, impressive result. As all game development goes, we aim to outstand in three criteria: creativity, commerciality to prove to the company and the market, and the fun players are expecting.

Q. What is your role in the team?
As the director of a project, I'm responsible for the overall game design. I create the project proposal, overall game outline, and the scenario. I also check the development progress, handle issues, and adjust details of the project. I also handle a wide range of tasks and delegate them accordingly within the team. Last but not least, I make sure there are no delays or issues with tasks and prioritize them accordingly. I continue to polish the project to complete the game beyond its proposed quality.

Q. What are some competencies and qualities required for the job?

I feel the most rewarded when a game launches. In a way, game development is a way for me, a game developer, to communicate with the world. Once the game is out in the market, I can receive my reply. In other words, game development and launch are like preparing a speech and delivering it. Once the game is launched, I feel rewarded and anxious at the same time; to be completely honest, I think the fact that I can temporarily get away from the agony and solitude(?) is a great plus.
The trinity of curiosity,
communication skills,
and passion
Q. What are some skills and qualities required for the job?
There are three things: interest in trying new things, the ability to separate your life from work, and communication skills. You need to continuously pay attention to social, technological, and market issues and you also need to separate your life from work or else work will become unbearable. Finally, most game development is usually done by a team, so working without communication skills can cause unnecessary misunderstanding or create bottlenecks.

Q. What kind of personality is appropriate for the job?
An individual's personality and characteristics may be innate or adaptive. However, these personalities or characteristics cannot reflect on work. For instance, even if you're introverted, you need to speak out if something doesn't make sense; if you're an aggressive person, you can't go around and punch everyone in the office. Someone empathetic and flexible enough to take other roads to achieve a goal is appropriate for the job. Taking a one-way road without making any exceptions can make the work unbearable and you may lose others' trust. You can overcome weakness together but broken trust is hard to recover.

Q. Any ways to develop the skills needed for the job?
This goes back to the first question. One should have continuous interest in new technology, focus on internal/external communication, and not get yourself buried in work. Your work capabilities will improve naturally. Even if your growth stalls, if you have the characteristics mentioned above, colleagues can help you out.

Where you can accept
differences and
actively ask questions
to find your work.
Q. Why choose LINE Games?
LINE Games takes my project seriously. There are times when you get lost while preparing, or even during development. And when I got lost, LINE Games helped me find my way out by asking what I want to accomplish in the future.

Q. What is the LINE Games organizational culture and atmosphere like?
From my experience working at LINE Games, the company has two unique elements in its culture: freedom and responsibility. We work freely within our work range and take responsibility as a member of a team. For example, with a mutual agreement, we complete our work within the deadline and nobody urges or forces you during the process. From individuals to teams, we agree to complete our work with our own work style and responsibility.

Achieve our goals
and become someone else's motivation.
Q. What type of colleagues would you like to work with?
There is a game that directed me to this industry and there is a game that I want to make. With a clear motivation and goal, I was able to hold myself together over the long periods of game development process and grow as an individual. As game development is a team effort, it is also important to find the balance between voicing your opinion strongly and when to compromise for the team or project.

Q. Any advice for applicants?
I hope it's someone who can keep the developer motivated and ask them questions to achieve their goals. We will all be able to achieve our own goals and become someone's inspiration one day.

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